The Ultimate College Application & Essay Coaching Road Map

 The college application process can be exciting, confusing, and let’s face it, a bit overwhelming.


However, in the last decade, universities and colleges have made great strides towards creating a more user-friendly experience for students and parents.

Now a student can access any school website to explore what they have to offer.

Additionally, students can enter all of their information into the Common Application, which now reaches close to 500 schools.  

Furthermore, students can access a myriad of online resources to help them through the process. Last, but not least, there are many experts who can assist high school students through the process, such as high school counselors,independent college counselors and private tutoring companies like Chicago Academic.'

While applying to colleges is an exciting time for your child, it can also be quite confusing and overwhelming. Tests need to be taken. Applications need to be completed and submitted. Deadlines need to be met. All while managing their senior year of high school. 

Here at Chicago Academic, we work to both simplify and assist in your child's college application process, which is why we've created this eBook that details everything you and your child need to know about getting accepted to your school of choice. 

 Free Ebook - Ultimate College Application Road Map

Included in the eBook:


Where to start when researching schools
 Tips for narrowing your list of choices
 What you need to know about the Common Application
 Preparing for the SAT and ACT exams
 Crafting your personal statement and supplemental essay
 Checklist for completing your application

At Chicago Academic, we're here to assist your children in achieving their goals. Download the free eBook and begin the path to an exciting and successful college application process today!


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