Refresher Programs for The ACT

There is no such thing as too much practice for the ACT and SAT, after all, they are a major deciding factor for Universities. Colleges only look at the highest scores you get on the tests so you can retake them, but they do look at how many times you retake so be wary. SAT ACT Test Prep

When Spring comes around for Juniors many of them start taking the tests and go on to retake during the Fall in their Senior year. If you have already taken a study program for the test in Spring and want to retake in the fall but don't want to forget what you know, don't worry, a Refresher Program goes on during the Summer!

A Refresher Program is exactly that, it refreshes students knowledge on the tests. If a student has completed a full program they can be eligible to sign up for a shorter One-on-One, In-Home refresher program that will supplement what they have already learned.

The tutor will begin the refresher program by taking an assessment of the student’s previous SAT or ACT scores. This will give the tutor a better understanding of what subject the student needs help in. Our expert tutors will also determine whether the student applied strategy learned during the program correctly. Every student is different so we tailor the program to their needs.  

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