How Extra-Curricular Activities In High School Helps You In College


Don't Forget Extra-Curricular Activities!

As a parent, you want the best for your children. This includes the best health and education.

While it is important to stress the benefits of education to children, you should not forget to encourage your kids to engage in extra-curricular activities as well.

These activities should have their own schedules so that they do not interfere with normal academic activities.

Children of all ages will benefit from being involved in extra-curricular activities. These benefits include:

Mastery of time management

A child mainly learns by doing, and most extra-curricular activities are very time-conscious. This gives children a great opportunity to learn how to manage their time and prioritize events in their lives.

Being involved in several activities can guide children in making decisions about which activities should be prioritized.

Learning how to schedule activities while excelling academically is a difficult task to learn. Being able to learn how to develop a schedule enables them to juggle difficult and different tasks later on in life as well.

Development of relationship skills

Since extra-curricular activities are almost always experienced in groups, they provide a great way to build interpersonal skills.

When involved in different groups, children learn how to relate to others, how to disagree politely, and how to accept defeat graciously.

This works best if they do this under the supervision of adults, especially for younger children.

Helps with college applications

These days, most universities and colleges prefer well-rounded students.

Engaging in extra-curricular activities will, therefore, boost your child's chances of attending the college of their choice.

Both academic clubs and sports team involvement increases the chance of admittance into a great school.

Being involved in multiple groups shows dedication to interests. If a child is having trouble managing activities and school work, high school tutoring can help.

Mastering long-term commitments

Some extra-curricular activities require kids to enroll in particular clubs.

Joining a club can be a long-term commitment, and this helps children learn the benefits of committing to more important aspects of life.

These clubs also have rules and regulations to be followed by all members, and this fosters respect for authority.

This allows a child to develop their personal interests. Being involved in clubs that a child has an interest in can also foster friendships because the other members of the club have similar interests. 

Raising self-esteem 

It is amazing how many children, especially teens, struggle with low self-esteem. This mostly happens because they feel worthless at many activities.

Encourage kids to get involved in the kinds of extra-curricular activities they excel in so that they can benefit from the accompanying self-esteem boost.

Key Takeaways:

The benefits of extra-curricular activities include:
Improved time management
Better relationship skills
Help with college applications
Mastering the value of commitment
Self-esteem boost

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