Learn why summer is the best time to prepare for the ACT or SAT

Summer break isn't just for fun and sun—it's the ideal period for serious students to gear up for one of the biggest challenges of high school: the ACT or SAT. This is not just a casual suggestion but a strategic move backed by years of tutoring experience and countless success stories. Let's dive into why the lazy days of summer are, paradoxically, your best bet for hardcore test preparation.

Learn why summer is the best time to prepare for the ACT or SAT

  • More time for studying
  • Focus on test prep without schoolwork distractions
  • Opportunities for summer prep courses

1. You have more time to study.

During the school year, your schedule is a whirlwind of classes, homework, extracurriculars, and social obligations. Summer offers a respite from this hectic routine. With more free hours, you can dedicate significant chunks of time to understanding complex algebraic concepts or honing your critical reading skills without the looming pressure of a chemistry test or English essay due the next day.

Insider Tip: Use the Pomodoro Technique during summer—study for 25 minutes, take a 5-minute break. It's perfect for maintaining concentration during long study sessions.

2. You can focus on your ACT or SAT test prep without the distraction of schoolwork.

Without the constant barrage of assignments and tests, your mind can fully commit to preparing for the ACT or SAT. This undivided attention often leads to better retention of material and more efficient learning. I’ve witnessed students improve their scores significantly more during summer prep than during the school year simply because they could focus solely on test prep.

Insider Tip: Create a dedicated study space at home or where distractions are minimized, reinforcing your focus on test prep.

3. You can take advantage of summer prep courses.

Many educational institutions and private tutors offer intensive summer courses specifically designed for SAT or ACT preparation. These are often more comprehensive and rigorous than during-the-year classes due to the greater availability of both instructors and students. Plus, being in a class with peers who are also focused on test prep can motivate you to push harder. We offer several options. To learn more, visit us at the.house/test-prep. 

Students engaging in a summer test prep class

4. You can take the test in the fall.

If you start your prep in the summer, you can take the ACT or SAT when it’s first offered in the fall. This timing is perfect because the material is still fresh in your mind, and if needed, it allows you time to retake the test later in the school year, armed with insights from your first experience.

Insider Tip: Register for the early fall tests during the summer to avoid missing deadlines and facing full test centers.

5. You can relax and enjoy your summer.

This might sound contradictory, but it isn’t. Structured study plans during the earlier part of summer can free up more time later for relaxation and fun activities, ensuring you don’t feel burnt out. This balance is crucial for mental health and maintains your motivation for studying hard.

Insider Tip: Balance is key. For every five days of study, take two days off to unwind and enjoy summer activities.

6. You can get a head start on college applications.

Preparing for the SAT or ACT in the summer before your senior year frees up time during the fall to focus on your college applications. Crafting thoughtful essays and gathering application materials is time-consuming and requires a great deal of attention—attention that you can fully provide when not overwhelmed with test prep.

Insider Tip: Use the summer to draft your college application essays. The quiet months provide a great opportunity to reflect on your experiences and articulate your goals.

7. You can take the test again in the fall if you need to.

If you take the test in the early fall and are not satisfied with your scores, you have ample time to retake the test. This flexibility is crucial and allows you to approach the test initially as a 'diagnostic' run, reducing stress and providing a real-time assessment of where you need to focus your studies should you need to retest.

Student analyzing their test scores

8. You can get a jump on your college planning.

The earlier you get your test scores, the sooner you can start planning where to apply based on where you realistically stand. This informed approach can save you from the disappointment of setting unrealistic goals or the panic of needing to find safety schools at the last minute.

Insider Tip: Research colleges during the summer and make a list of reach, match, and safety schools based on your preliminary test scores.

9. You can take advantage of summer discounts and promotions.

Many test prep books, courses, and tutoring services offer discounts during the summer to attract students. This can make the often expensive proposition of preparing for these tests more affordable.

10. You can get a head start on your college planning and test prep with The House Tutoring & Test Prep

Platforms like The House Tutoring & Test Prep provides invaluable resources for both college planning and test preparation. Utilizing these resources during the summer can provide a structured approach to navigating both your test prep and your future college journey.


Answers To Common Questions

Q.Why is summer the best time to prepare for the ACT or SAT?

A.Summer offers students more free time to study and focus on test prep without the distractions of a busy school schedule.

Q.Who should consider preparing for the ACT or SAT during the summer?

A.High school students aiming to improve their scores on standardized tests should utilize their summer break for preparation.

Q.How can students effectively prepare for the ACT or SAT during the summer?

A.Students can enroll in prep courses, utilize study guides, practice tests, and online resources to enhance their skills.

Q.What if I prefer to relax during the summer rather than prepare for the ACT or SAT?

A.While relaxation is important, dedicating some time each week to study can still provide significant benefits for your test scores.

Q.What are the advantages of starting ACT or SAT preparation early in the summer?

A.Starting early allows for a more gradual and comprehensive review, lessening the need for last-minute cramming and reducing stress.

Q.How can summer preparation for the ACT or SAT impact college admissions?

A.Strong ACT or SAT scores can improve college acceptance chances, scholarships, and opportunities for admission into competitive programs.

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