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Top 10 Ways to Achieve Academic Enrichment

Sep 15, 2019 2:38:00 PM

Enriching your child's education isn't about adding more homework, it is about adding more depth and dimensions to the work they are already doing. Every student learns a bit differently, and with added academic enrichment to their education coming from home, their ability to contextualize and conceptualize their work can really benefit their learning potential in the long run.

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The Road to College: Junior Year GPA and What It Means Now

Aug 12, 2019 11:56:00 AM

Two years is a long time in the perspective of a sixteen-year-old, but as you very well know, two years fly by like nothing. Your child's first day of high school jitters are probably still fresh in your memory. And just think, in another two years, you'll be shipping off your young one to college. Wow. "Time flying" doesn't do it justice: Time rockets forward!

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The Top 10 Reasons Summer is a Great Time To Learn

May 8, 2019 9:30:00 AM

It’s the beginning of summer.  You and your child are starting to enjoy the season.  You’re relaxing school-year routines.  You’re having fun.  You’re also heedful of the need to keep little brains active and learning in the summer.  You plan on encouraging your student to keep up their reading, writing, math, and vocabulary skills with creative and fun activities.

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